Project 365

From November 1, 2006 - October 31, 2007, every day I took a photograph and wrote a song about it. The buttons on the right will take you to any month you choose to see that month's pix and hear any song you like.

The original website that I uploaded the daily pix/song is below:

The Bandcamp album link is here:

This wasn't a project about making an album, really, but more about the process of daily creation of art. Making it, then letting it go. Some songs are good, some are not. Sometimes the photo is really the star of the day, and sometimes the song is way more interesting than the photo. 

I used GarageBand as my DAW, and a Casio Privia keyboard for all the sounds - although there was a period of about a week where I was traveling and had no keyboard access so I just did various multi-tracked acapella songs.

This was a tough project, and a long year, but I'm really glad I did it.

NOTE: Each page has a LOT of songs on it, they take a minute to load.